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grand ceremony held for topping-out of 65 residential buildings
  |  updated: 2023-06-25  |  views: 4371

65 residential buildings for the resettlement project phase ii of water diversion from yangtze river to huaihe river in yandian town, feixi county, undertaken by aceg sanjian group co.,ltd, was topped out on june 16,2023. mr. he hongchun, party secretary and chairman of board of aceg sanjian group co.,ltd attended the ceremony. he expressed heart-felt thanks for the support from the government of feixi county and yandian town, the competent authorities at all levels, the participating units. he stressed that all-around efforts should be made to build demonstration project to meet the people’s expectations.

with total construction area of 80,000 square meters, it is a key project in feixi county involving the people’s wellbeing. the company will make sustained efforts to make contributions to promote public wellbeing.