wuhu-huangshan expressway project won the title of "safe project" for national expressway and waterway transport construction
  |  updated: 2023-04-28  |  views: 5410

on april 23, ministry of transport, ministry of emergency management and all-china federation of trade unions jointly issued the notice on announcing the safe projects for 2021 national expressway and waterway transport construction. wuhu-huangshan expressway project, of which aceg participated in the construction, won the title of "safe project". it was the only expressway project in anhui province to receive the honor.


with total length of 116 kilometer, wuhu-huangshan expressway is an important part of anhui expressway network. during the construction period, aceg firmly adhered to the awareness of workplace safety, enhancing the level of safety management and realizing zero accident. the completion of wuhu-huangshan expressway project ended the history of no expressway connection between jingxian county and jingde county, reaching the goal of "connecting counties with expressways" in anhui province.


"safe project" prize is the top honor concerning safety management of national expressway and waterway transport construction. all the projects winning the prize have the features of large scale, complex construction technology, high operation risk and zero fatal accident.