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aceg won china tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize again
  |  updated: 2023-04-26  |  views: 5279

recently, the results of first batch of 20th china tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize have been announced by china civil engineering society. wuhu second yangtze river bridge, undertaken by anhui road and bridge engineering co., ltd and anhui water resources development co.,ltd was included in the list, taking first place in the project team of bridge. so far, aceg has won 8 china tien-yow jeme civil engineering prizes.


located in wuhu, anhui province, wuhu second yangtze river bridge is a key hub of national highway network and a strategic channel for the integrated development of yangtze river delta. with total length of 55.5km and total investment of rmb 6.79 billion yuan, it is the first cable-stayed bridge in the world with super-large span, columned pylons, four cable planes, turning stay cables and anchorage system, overthrowing the traditional cognition on cable system of cable-stayed bridge.


as the top honor for scientific and technological innovation in the field of civil engineering in china, tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize is aiming to reward projects that have made outstanding achievements in application of new technologies.


over the years, aceg has adhered to brand strategy and adopted the management model of beforehand planning, process control, follow-up guidance. it has boosted quality through management and built brand through quality, laying solid foundation for aceg’s high-quality development.