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harmony is the first goal;

development is the most important task;

 culture is the first management;

 innovation is the primary driving force;

talent are the primary resources;

 study is the first demand.


1enterprise mission :

employ resources scientifically,

create customers’ values;

achieve employee’s growths,

repay society earnestly.

2enterprise philosophy

only credibility can lead to success, and only win-win can really win.

3enterprise spirit

unity, pioneering, seeking truth, innovation

4enterprise style

promises must be kept with credibility as the foundation; action must be resolute to achieve high efficiency.

5core idea

development is the first task; culture is the first management; innovation is the first force; personnel are the primary resources; study is the first requirement.

6business ideas

credibility, innovation, quality, win-win

7management ideas

 people-oriented management, credibility-oriented business, quality-oriented production

8development ideas

scientific, transnational, innovative and efficient development

9strategic ideas

renovate completely in the second pioneering

10system ideas

managing people with system, and  handle matters with rules

11quality ideas

quality is politics; quality is life; quality is benefit.

12security ideas

care for life, security first.

13benefit ideas

technology creates value, and management reduces costs.

14idea of leadership team

reconstruct building operators

15probity ideas

respect law, observe discipline, being honest and fair

16enterprise slogan

create quality projects to achieve customer satisfaction