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anhui construction engineering group co., ltd. (aceg) has been qualified not only as one the top 500 china’s enterprises, but also top 250 enr’s international contractors and its main businesses are engineering construction, investment, industrial chain finance and real estate, and possesses five top grade qualifications as a general construction contractor in sectors of building and road construction, municipal infrastructure engineering and so on and possesses franchises to contract projects and provide labor services abroad and to implement chinese foreign aid turn-key projects of construction tasks and in addition, aceg has more than 140 professional qualifications for different kinds of projects, including 74 first-class qualifications. aceg operates 20 subsidiary and branch firms and 1 public institution and 1 postdoctoral research station. among which, anhui hydro is the first listed company (stock code: 600502) in field of construction in anhui province and aceg technology center is rated as a technology center of national level.
through efforts over the past few years, aceg has successfully and strategically transformed its business types from traditional construction to investment operations with a trend to high-end businesses and upstream of the industrial chain by themes of "reform, transformation and development". during the national 12th five-year plan period, aceg has invested nearly rmb50billion yuan to a number of projects involving in water conservancy, energy, transportation, environmental protection and urban infrastructure in many cities in anhui province and other part of china and has also set foot in investment businesses in regions such as hong kong and in countries such as angola, algeria, kenya and has accumulated rich experiences in investment operation managements and in 2016, aceg has accelerated the course of business upgrading and transformation that 11 project contracts based on ppp mode signed with a total contract amount of rmb20billion yuan, and an industrial fund has been established between aceg and a banking body that a project valued some rmb100billion yuan can be financed and nowadays, aceg has achieved scaled production for  its building industrialized base and rapid development of the industrial chain finance.
aceg always strictly adheres to its service tenet “abide by contracts and reputation" and "quality first, customer supreme" and one after another, aceg has completed a large number of construction projects ranked national, provincial and municipal key projects and projects ranked " high-end, extractive, top, special". and in the international market, aceg has built and invested projects in over 40 countries and regions around the world by virtue of its rich transnational management experiences and abilities in the international construction and investment markets as well as its good international brand reputations and many of the projects completed have obtained commendations from the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of commerce and foreign customers and aceg has won 13 luban prizes – the highest award granted to a building project completed of good qualities in china; 4 zhantianyou awards – the highest award granted to a civil construction project completed of state-of-the-art technologies; 3 national superior quality awards; 5 national golden cups of model projects of urban infrastructure; 4 dayu awards - the highest award granted to a water conservancy project of best qualities in china; 200 provincial (ministry) level construction engineering quality prizes, more than 40 national and provincial science and technology progress prizes and  participated in 10 edits for the state professional standards and 16 edits of the state construction methods and owned 136 proprietary intellectual property rights of patents including 21 invention patents.
aceg has made great progresses over the past few years and has the honor to be listed on the top 500 chinese enterprises for eight consecutive years and the latest ranking is the 352nd that 104 positions moved up since aceg rated on the list for the first time in 2009 and simultaneously, the latest ranking for aceg in the "enr top 250 global contractors " is the 40th, a position that went up by 100 than that in 2009 and ranked the 20th  in " top 100 construction enterprises of competitiveness in china " and ranked the 20th in "top 80 chinese contractors" and in addition, aceg has repeatedly won the title "national excellent construction enterprise"; "national advanced construction enterprise"; "chinese model construction enterprise"; "national excellent enterprise for engineering quality management"; "national construction enterprise with credit graded aaa", "aggressive company of social responsibilities for foreign projects" and  etc. and for eight consecutive years since 2008, aceg has been annually rated as a “contractor class a” by the provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and ranked among the best companies in anhui province.
in the tide of economic globalization, aceg will further deepen the reforms and strengthen the management and actively explore and innovate and create itself a first-class enterprise and carefully nurture its personnel a first-class team and unceasingly develop first-class technologies and produce more first-class products by carrying out its core values of "faith, dedication" and adhere to its enterprise spirit "unity, struggle, factualism and innovation" and promote aceg’s fine work style "endure hardships and work hard" and implement its core idea "harmony is the first goal, development is the first priority, culture is the first management, innovation is the first power, talent is the first resource, study is the first need" and pursue its management philosophy "integrity first to businesses, people first to managements, quality first to production" and dedicate to customer services both at home and abroad and make new and greater contributions to the country''s construction and the progress of the society.